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Can Orthodontic Treatment Curb Bruxism?

braces to fix bruxism

La Habra/Chino Hills, CA – Bruxism, or teeth grinding as it is more commonly called, is the clenching or grinding of the teeth. It typically happens at night but can also occur during waking hours. While many people are occasional teeth grinders, people who suffer from bruxism can face a host of unwanted oral issues. 

“Bruxism is an issue because it can lead to possible tooth mobility, as well as fractures and breakages,” says Dr. Gire. “People with severe bruxism can grind their teeth down so much that the only way to fix the teeth is through serious dental work, such as root canals, implants, crowns, bridges, or even dentures.”

Because teeth grinding happens most often during sleep, you may wonder if you suffer from bruxism. There are some signs to look for:

  • The jaw joints may make clicking or popping sounds
  • Spontaneous headaches, especially in the morning
  • Muscle pain in jaws or cheeks
  • Sensitive or loose teeth
  • Receding gums

People who are missing teeth or those that have crooked teeth with abnormal bites may be more at risk for bruxism. Some people can adapt their chewing and daily activities around an abnormal bite. Those who can’t are more prone to grinding their teeth. Other issues, such as stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders may also be causes of bruxism.

But for the patients who suffer from bruxism due to crooked teeth or abnormal bites, Dr. Gire and his team at Gire Orthodontics can help. 

Aligning your bite and straightening your teeth through braces or clear aligner therapy will ensure your teeth fit together properly, which lessens the urge to grind them. Some patients may notice an uptick in their grinding in the first days of orthodontic treatment. But, as the teeth begin to align, the grinding should decrease. And, once proper alignment is achieved, the grinding should stop altogether. 

The way your teeth and jaw fit together is one of the most common reasons for teeth grinding. A malocclusion causes our teeth to fit together improperly which inhibits jaw function which can then lead to grinding. When your jaw sits in an irregular way, the jaw muscles are not in harmony which can lead to grinding that causes wear and tear on your teeth. 

“Braces and clear aligners work to bring our mouths into harmony,” says Dr. Gire. “Orthodontic treatment is about more than just creating a cosmetically pleasing smile. We work to ensure a properly functioning bite that works in harmony with the joints and muscles so that issues like teeth grinding no longer have to be a problem.”

If you suffer from bruxism and are looking for relief, call Gire Orthodontics today for your free consultation, 562-690-1199 (La Habra) or 909-393-9911 (Chino Hills).

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