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What is a Family Orthodontist?

family orthodontistLa Habra/Chino Hills, CA – Your children’s oral care is important, and for many children oral care also includes orthodontics. Having an orthodontist your family can trust is important because if orthodontic problems are not corrected your children could have many dental problems in the future. Dr. Robert Gire, whose practice serves patients of all ages in the La Habra/Chino Hills areas explains what you should look for in a family orthodontist.

“Researching for an orthodontist who will treat your family is important,” says Dr. Gire. “You want to be sure you are not only seeing someone who is well-trained and knowledgeable but someone with whom your family can feel comfortable. At Gire Orthodontics, we work incredibly hard to pair professional cutting-edge orthodontic treatment with a welcoming family atmosphere.”

One important thing to look for in a family orthodontist is to see whether they are actually an orthodontist. We’re seeing a rise in general dentists (we call them “orthodentists”) offering some orthodontic treatment in their offices and Dr. Gire encourages you to look for a board certified orthodontist. While some general dentists may be very good at orthodontics, their exposure and experience is usually limited and they may not know what to do when they get in trouble. While every orthodontist is also a dentist, not every dentist is an orthodontist. To become a specialist the dentist has to attend an accredited specialty program after graduating from dental school. An accredited residency program will last between two and three years and give the orthodontist a specialized understanding of how the mouth works together.

But board certification goes even a step further. Board certification is voluntary so not every orthodontist is certified. It shows a high level of commitment to excellence in the field of orthodontics. To become board certified an orthodontist must pass written and clinical examinations that not only show their knowledge but their skill as well. When you receive treatment by a board certified orthodontist you can be assured knowing he or she has proven their expertise.

Family orthodontists will be adept at treating patients of all ages. The ideal age to visit an orthodontist for the first time is when a child is seven years old. While most patients won’t require treatment at this age it allows the orthodontist to monitor the child’s smile to see how the permanent teeth are erupting and how the jaws are growing. The orthodontist will then determine the best time to begin treatment if needed.

A great family orthodontist creates customized treatment plans for every patient. No two patient’s smiles are alike so every treatment plan must be individualized to meet the needs of each patient. The result will be a healthy, properly functioning, and beautiful smile.

The orthodontics practice you choose should put patients first. When patients are the number one priority every patient feels valued, heard, and comfortable. Patients should be able to ask questions and feel as if they are a part of the treatment process. Your orthodontist will have a host of treatment options available, ranging from clear aligner therapy (CAT) to standard metal braces to lingual braces so it is important to be able to ask questions about the options available and why your orthodontist may recommend one treatment over another for you.

“Treatment involves a lot of teamwork, not just from those in our office, but from our patients as well,” says Dr. Gire. “For the treatment to result in the best smile possible, there is a high degree of patient compliance that is expected. I want every patient to fully understand what is required of them and what is required of my office. Together, we can ensure the most beautiful and healthy smiles possible.”

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