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The Top 5 Reasons Teens Love Invisalign

Reasons Teens Love InvisalignLa Habra/Chino Hills, CAGetting braces is typically a rite of passage during the teenage years. But today’s braces aren’t like those of the good old days – they’re sleeker, more efficient, and come in more options than ever before. One option more teens are choosing is Invisalign Teen.

Invisalign started a huge revolution in the orthodontic world,” says Dr. Robert Gire of Gire Orthodontics, who treats orthodontic patients in La Habra and Chino Hills. “The technology proved that the “braces” experience doesn’t have to be so visible, diet limiting, and difficult to clean. The technology continues to improve every day, making it a great choice for many patients who don’t want to wear traditional braces.”

So what exactly draws teens to Invisalign?

  1. Appearance – Invisalign consists of a series of clear plastic aligners that fit over the teeth. The aligners are virtually invisible, which is often a breath of fresh air for teenagers. We all know the teen years can be hard enough, and adding a mouth full of metal often leads to increased self-consciousness. With Invisalign Teen, you teenager can get a beautiful smile, while their friends will barely even know they are in treatment.
  2. Comfort – Metal brackets and wires can be uncomfortable and take the mouth a while to get used to. The Invisalign aligners are made of a smooth plastic that won’t irritate the inside of the mouth. Each aligner is custom designed just for you and your specific tooth movement needed. The aligners elicit a gentle, constant pressure as they guide the teeth to their new locations.
  3. Brushing and flossing – With metal braces, it can be hard to maintain good oral hygiene. Flossing beneath the wires can be a headache and food can get stuck in the brackets, leading to some embarrassing moments. But, with Invisalign all that is gone. The aligners are not only smooth and comfortable, they are removable too, so brushing and flossing is the same as before orthodontic treatment began.
  4. Eat what you want – Invisalign aligners are meant to be removed before eating and drinking, so there’s no need to alter your diet. While your friends in regular braces have to avoid anything too hard, sticky, cruncy, or chewy, you can eat whatever you want!
  5. Won’t limit your activities – Some teens may fear playing sports or even playing their musical instrument while in metal braces. The brackets can possibly lead to abrasions or damage to the inside of your mouth. Invisalign Teen aligners fit over your teeth and are smooth and comfortable so you can be engaged in all your favorite activities without fearing injury. And because they are virtually invisible, you won’t have a prom photo showing off a metal mouth!

To learn more about how your teen can benefit from Invisalign, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Gire today. Call 562-690-1199 (La Habra) or 909-393-9911 (Chino Hills).